Luper Technologies

We provide future-proof air cleaning systems to eliminate toxic and odorous gasses

Minimize the resources you spend on air pollution and refocus on your main business

We understand that you should focus on your main business goals

We recognize that every facility and process presents unique emission challenges. Our solutions help you to eliminate these emissions while minimizing the social, environmental, and financial burdens of air cleaning, thereby allowing you refocus to achieving your main business goals.

Our technology's groundbreaking benefits

Social impact

Eliminates odors and improves community relations

Environmental friendly

Eradicates pathogens and reduces environmental footprint


Reduces resources spend on air cleaning
and lowers lifetime costs

Target emissions


Fossil fuel-based products release hydrocarbons that pose odor and environmental challenges, requiring effective treatment.

VOCs and Solvents

Minimizing VOCs and solvents in emissions is essential for safeguarding occupational health, preserving air quality, and preventing contributions to climate change.


Businesses play a crucial role in local communities. By ensuring the air remains clean and odor-free, your company enhances its relationship with the surrounding area.

Solve your air pollution problems today