Luper Technologies

Revolutionizing industrial air cleaning

Our sustainable air cleaning systems help companies to operate future-proof

Luper Technologies

Revolutionizing Industrial AIr cleaning

Unburden your company from industrial air pollution

We are on a mission

We are dedicated to advancing industrial air cleaning through our novel systems. Our mission is to help companies operate future proof by eliminating their emissions. We are committed to a cleaner, healthier environment by providing state-of-the-art solutions for emission control.

Groundbreaking benefits


High removal efficiency
Wide range of pollutants

Safe and sustainable

Compliant with highest safety standards
No chemicals required


Lowest cost of ownership
Limited enery usage

Frequent applications

Your application not here? Our team members can help by identifying the right purification needs and create a customized solution.


Fossil fuel-based products release hydrocarbons that pose odor and environmental challenges, requiring effective treatment.

VOCs and Solvents

Minimizing VOCs and solvents in emissions is essential for safeguarding occupational health, preserving air quality, and preventing contributions to climate change.

Odour control

Businesses play a crucial role in local communities. By ensuring the air remains clean and odor-free, your company enhances its relationship with the surrounding area.

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